Monday, March 31, 2014

Star Light

A star shines alone in the night. Its light streams down to dissipate amongst the small group of people kneeling in the snow. A wail of a child calls to the star, asking for its light. A mother hugs the baby closer, tears rolling down her face. She smothers the child with kisses and tenderly lays her babe down on a bed of furs. Slowly, the adults surrounding the mother creep away, leaving the mother to say her goodbyes. The mother hangs her head, tears falling upon the babe's face. She gently wipes them off and kisses her child one more time, whispering a blessing as she stands. The mother slowly moves away, not allowing herself to look back.

The baby wails as he feels the lack of his mother's presence. Soon the wails turn into shuddering sobs, then slowly quiet as his eyes notice the star's rays beginning to grow thicker around him. His hands come out of the warmth of his blankets to grasp at the star beams. The beams that had been dissipating when the adults were around began to come together and thicken until there was a wide avenue going from the star to the wee baby.

The babe grabs handfuls of the solidified star dust, chuckling as bits of star dust motes trickle through his chubby fists. The babe continues to smile as he feels the star path begins to vibrate with the steps of the star angel slowly approaching the baby. Soon, the angel reaches the child and stoops to pick up the boy, gently cradling the baby against his shoulder. The baby immediately starts chuckling and waving his fists around happily. The angel leaves a small bag of promises for the boy's mother, then turns to make his way back to the star, where the child will grow and learn the wisdom of the angels.

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