Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deceptive Appearances

            He needed a woman.  Not just any woman would do, but a petite woman who was fiercely independent and thought she was tough.  Well, that is what he wanted, anyway, to make the chase that much more fun.  He loved it when a little woman realized just how small she truly was under his demanding and brutal tutelage.  He leaned back in the chair that he occupied in a street side cafe, watching the people walk past him, oblivious to the havoc he could wreak upon their lives if he so chose.  A smirk briefly crossed his lips, quickly dissipating at the approach of one of the servers of the cafĂ©.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mother, Daughter

She was young to become a mother, only sixteen. Yet, a mother she became. A daughter had a daughter, becoming a mother, but what it was to be an adult, she still had yet to discover. She took steps down her path, made her way through a woods that became twisted, full of quagmires and brambles. Her daughter was her focus, a reason to survive anyway that she could. Her ties with her own parents became strained, love there, but not always acknowledged.