Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mother, Daughter

She was young to become a mother, only sixteen. Yet, a mother she became. A daughter had a daughter, becoming a mother, but what it was to be an adult, she still had yet to discover. She took steps down her path, made her way through a woods that became twisted, full of quagmires and brambles. Her daughter was her focus, a reason to survive anyway that she could. Her ties with her own parents became strained, love there, but not always acknowledged.

She met a man and settled. Three more children were born. The struggles continued to flourish through decisions made, blind eye turned, and lack of direction. Drugs and alcohol stole in and stole pieces away. Finally, finally she had enough. She wanted her children to have better, know better, be better.

She left her unreliable, manipulative man. Hunted down and destroyed the destruction that the drugs and alcohol have created in her life. She fought and fought, creating a stronger self, a stronger mother for her children. Relationships mended and renewed, bonds of family re-tightened. The woods seemed to thin, the way started to smooth and the quagmires solidify. She was proud of her eldest daughter, away at college and doing well. Her other children were showing a strength that she gained late. Hope had blossomed and a better way can be seen.

This daughter who was turned into a mother too young, was found too young dead by her daughter, too young to have lost her mother. Four children left motherless. Just as the way began to clear, promises were being fulfilled, from this world she left. To her children, not knowing it was a final departure, she said, "I love you so much, past the moon and the stars. Goodnight, sleep tight!" 

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